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"How to Work Less and Reach 6 Figures
as a Coach

With Aiko Hemingway
Celebrity & Executive English Pronunciation Coach
Who reached 6 figures with a small following of 150 subscribers, a micro niche
to charge premium and creating high ticket offers of $10k

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Do you feel that you have to have 'a ton' of clients to reach 6 figures?

That does not have to be true.

When you charge higher, you need less clients to work with.

And reaching 6 figures will become totally achievable. 

I'm Aiko Hemingway.

I am a celebrity & executive English pronunciation coach.

When I started my coaching business in 2016, I did not know anything about business. I did not get a single client for the first 14 months. When I started getting clients, I did not know anything about pricing. When I first offered my group coaching for 8 weeks in 2018, I charged $180 thinking it was so expensive! You know what? The group coaching is now for 12 weeks, and it is $6000 (as of 2022). I charge $10,000 for 12 private lessons. My following is very small. And you know what? I attracted $240,000 in 2021 from tiny lists with 150 subscribers. If this is something you want to do, watch the workshop! I am sharing MY secret.