Reach 6 figures and beyond with a small following,
micro niche and high ticket offers

Business Coaching
Aiko Hemingway

Did you grow your followers and still you are not making money?

Did you grow your email list and still you are not making money?

Did you make an online course around what you know well and still no sale?

Then you must be wondering what went wrong! All the time and effort you have put are not paid off!

You love coaching, you are passionate about serving people, and you are knowledgeable.

Why isn't your business making money?

I will tell you the missing link.

It is your focus.

Your focus should be to attract the right type of audience only who is willing to pay and learn from you.

You want to attract only those people.

And send away everyone else.

Which is scary.

Yes I get it.

And that's why when you get the courage to do so, you will no longer need a large following or a large list.

With that mindset, you will be able to reach 6 figures and beyond with a tiny list.

What you will notice after taking coaching is that I say opposite of what the majority of people say about marketing.

I don't go for big numbers.

I go for the quality of email lists and followers.

I have a little over 250 people on my email lists.

That's all I needed to reach multiple 6 figures.

Yes, I am showing you what you can also do.

How did I do it?

I care about the quality, not the quantity.

I create content just for my audience, not for everyone.

And I mention that my coaching is NOT for everyone.

I will help you get this mindset and focus on getting paid clients.

You are not a charity.

You are not a volunteer.

You are a professional coach who deserves to be paid in the exchange of your knowledge and experience.

I will help you create the right content just for your audience.

Don't make the content for attention.

Don't make the content for everyone.

Your messages will become so valuable when you ONLY speak to your future paid clients who are eager to transform through your coaching.

I will help you raise your fees.

Don't stay in the middle market because if you do, you will be chosen based on the fees.

Stay out of the middle market and go higher.

That way people will choose you because of YOU.

When you raise your fees, you won't need many clients or you won't have to work many hours for your clients.

You will have time for something else!

What you will get in my business coaching

This program is for 12 months and $1000 a month (12 payments of $1000 a month)

You will have one private session on Zoom with me a month, and it comes with recording.

You will have unlimited access to me via email or FB Messanger.

Please expect to do the hard work. I will hold you accountable.

Only 20% of entrepreneurs stay in business in 5 years. I want you to be in the 20%, not in the 80% who gave up.

Only 17% of small business owners made over 6 figures in 2021. I want you to be in the 17% by valuing your work and time.

I will support you 100%. But I also expect 100% commitment from you.

Only 2 spots available at the moment.

Decide now so that you will start getting my strong support.

What my clients say about my coaching

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Yumi is an established English pronunciation coach based in Tokyo. As she took my coaching, she was able to cut her working hours in half, and she doubled her income.

Kaori is a single mother and she reached 6 figures while she cut her working hours. She can spend more time with her son now.